Turkel Fair Organizations

Company profile:
Since 1993, Turkel Fair Organization Inc. has been organizing trade fairs on a wide spectrum in more than 30 countries of the World across 4 contienents until today such as in Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic Republics, Poland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Romania, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Ghana, Sudan, Syria, Nigeria, Venezuela, Canada, Republic of South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Qatar and Kuwait.The company Turkel, having experience and knowledge in many years, opens to improvements as well as innovations with a qualified team of 76 professionals employed in Istanbul Head Office, Moscow and Almaty Offices. Our mission is to organize exhibitons supported by the technology and sub factors, giving a shape, improving and smooting the way for the sector by increasing the measured customer satisfaction every year, aumenting the market share in Turkey and balancing the domestic and international exhibitor’s rates.



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